Learn how your breast milk can help these fragile babies in need!

Centra Health is working with Prolacta Bioscience® to provide 100% human milk nutritional products to babies in its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Through this program, mothers from the community can select a Prolacta-affiliated milk bank that best meets their needs. Prolacta offers a network of milk banks where the donor either receives direct compensation for her milk donation or makes a charitable contribution on her behalf.

We only accept donations to meet the current and foreseeable needs of our hospital NICU partners. From time to time, new applications to Tiny Treasures Milk Bank are put on hold because the generosity of our current donors meets our needs. Due to our commitment to the charity program supported by milk donations, such as the Helping Hands Milk Bank which benefits Susan G Komen, we do not limit applications.

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Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer Through The Helping Hands Milk Bank

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For every qualified ounce of milk you donate, you will be compensated $1 for your time and effort.

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From May 1, 2017 to April 20, 2018, Prolacta Bioscience®, Inc. will donate to Susan G. Komen® $1.00 for every ounce of qualified milk collected through HELPING HANDS Milk Bank, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000.

HELPING HANDS Milk Bank is operated by Prolacta, and as such, Prolacta is responsible for donor recruitment, donor qualification, milk collection, and milk testing and processing into nutritional formulations.

Phone: (888) 274-5103
Email: helpinghands@prolacta.com
Website: www.helpinghandsbank.com

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For every qualified ounce of milk you donate, you will be compensated $1 for your time and effort.

Phone: (855) 348-5192
Email: tinytreasures@prolacta.com
Website: www.tinytreasuresmilkbank.com

How Do Preemies Benefit From the Donated Milk?

Breast milk is important for all babies, and is especially important for premature babies – nothing else provides the same benefits. However, mothers with premature infants may have difficulty in producing and are unable to breastfeed. Therefore donor milk-based products are easier for premature infants to digest, compared to formula, and to provide positive health outcomes.

The donated milk through the milk banks will be used to make potentially lifesaving human milk-based nutritional products including human milk-based fortifier, human milk caloric fortifier, human milk-based premature infant formula, and standardized donor milk for preterm infants in the NICU.

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Meet Baby Mason who benefited from donated breast milk

Meet the preemies who have benefited from the donated milk through a Prolacta-affiliated milk bank.

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Read about moms who have completed her donor journey

Meet moms and their families who have donated and completed her milk donor journey.

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